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Saturday, November 6, 2010



  1. How can there be no comments?! This guy is super hot!!!

  2. Ok, I have no problem commenting on such a sexy guy!! I give him a 9 and i can only see HALF of his deliciousness! How do I get my "9"? Well, cute things get 1 point. here's what I gave a 'point'. 1. His hair: black (or at least dark--one of my favorite things) 2. His face--the glasses just make it cuter! 3. A flexed bicep! 4. Armpit hair--another favorite 'spot' of mine! 5. BIG nipples!!! (Need I say more?) 6. Well defined pecs 7. A yummy "highway to heaven" 8. Exposed, muscular hips! and finally, 9. A flat, lickable tummy!